For Father’s Day..a few days late


A friend of mine made mention of church messages on Fathers Day tend to be negative toward fathers while Mothers Day messages tend to be warm and fuzzy. I had to agree that this seems to be true. So for this post I want to take a minute and give Fathers a pep talk…as my friend said “be a cheerleader”.

I would like to say thank you to those Fathers who recognize the impact they have on their children as a spiritual leader in the home. The ones who strive to daily let Jesus be seen through them and how they respond to the challenges that get thrown at them. The ones who admit they aren’t perfect and never will be but at least try to be the best dad they can be.  You are making a difference in your kids life and the fruits of your labor will shine through your kids. The foundation you are laying is made of stone. Thank you for taking them to church. Thank you for opening your Bible with them. Thank you for living out your faith. WAY TO GO!!

I want to thank the Dads who day in and day out put their family before themselves as the sole provider. Some of you have jobs you don’t like more days than you actually like it but you stick it out because you know the importance of letting your kids see you work hard for what you have. You want your kids to see what work ethic looks like and not be part of the entitlement generation that seems to be headed our way. Keep up the good work men! I know you might wonder what the purpose is some days. I know you might want to walk off or quit but don’t. You are making a difference in ways you don’t know but will someday. HANG IN THERE!!

I want to thank the Dads who have had to do this dad thing alone. YOU are awesome. You chose one of the hardest careers out there: single full-time dad. The days are long and mostly thankless. The pay is zero but oh the rewards you will gain with kids who can say you were there for them! There are a lot of dads that have gone missing but you didn’t go anywhere. Those kids are lucky to have you. HURRAY for you!!

I want to thank the Dads who step up and be a Dad to kids that aren’t their own but instantly treat them as your own. You are filling a void, doing the best you can, and not asking to be loved in return. Keep on loving them. Keep on trying to win them over. Keep showing up and they will remember. My husband had a great step dad. He changed my husband’s life. He had a role model. It will have an impact. You will win them over! WAY TO GO!

And this last one is personal.

I want to thank the Dads that chose their family over addiction. That finally heard the pleas of their wife and saw the future disappointment in their children and decided they wouldn’t let that be their story. The ones that pulled themselves out of the ditch and make decisions each day not to go back. You are a redemption story. Your children will know the dangers and pitfalls from your own story. You made a great choice! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Dads are great. Dads are important. Dads matter!! Thank you for hanging in there, for sticking it out, for stepping up, for standing in, for writing the checks, for praying without ceasing, for listening, for loving, for showing up, for coaching, for teaching, for giving, for adapting, for changing (diapers…ha), for fixing things, for mowing things, for selling things, for mentoring, for throwing the ball, for playing dress up, for sliding down the slide, for kissing goodnight, for playing with dolls and transformers, for giving up your closet or the last room in the house that was “yours”, for chopping wood, for making dinner and finally for just being there.


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